The Case of the Missing Website

The voidBeloved Subscribers…

You probably haven’t noticed but my website vanished into the e-ether for ten days. On the fifth anniversary of my blog!

My brother has been working hard to track it down, talk it down, and convince it to come home.

It appears to be back, but you can never tell for how long. It may escape again before I’ve appeased its wanderlust with promises I might not be able to keep.

Should that happen, it might take off with my subscription email list. In which case I’ve lost track of you. My worst nightmare! If you don’t hear from me for a while, please visit and re-subscribe in the top left-hand column.

I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’m sure I can come to some understanding with my blog. I suspect it’s feeling under-employed of late, what with my once-a-month postings. Perhaps that’s the lesson it wanted to teach me.

I’m going to make amends, starting soon with posts of the first few chapters of my new book. It’s almost finished. It’s called The Writer in Love, a hot and sweaty read.

I should add that the heat and stink issues mainly from the jungle river up which my literary expedition travels in search of the story heart. But there’s a little sex as well. You should hear crocodiles mating! Seriously.

Okay, that’s my quickie for today… hope this publishes before the digital house of cards collapses again.

Buenas noches.


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  1. Don Meuse says

    Congratulations for winning one over the WWW! Now find out how to get an erasure so we can all edit ourselves.

  2. Yvette Carol says

    How very peculiar! Do these strange goings-on that pop up every now and again on the ether give you a chill as well, my friend, PJ? Sometimes, I feel how much of my content resides within these man-made devices these days, and I feel a little bit of panic. I back things up like a maniac. I don’t like feeling dependent on anything. I tend to regard our modern technological advances like a caveman looking into the future – it freaks me out!
    Anyway, heartening to see that you and your brother must have done something right because here you are! Good to see you.
    I can’t wait to read the first parts of your new book! I didn’t know you were so close to being finished. That’s fantastic! A round of wine is in order. 

  3. says

    Thanks, YC… we’re not out of the woods yet… in fact my site will go down again tomorrow and will resurface when reconstituted on another server. If only I understood all this techno-jabber I could help out.

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