“How to” Will Never Create Art

On Writing

“It’s only when a man gets to the point of a gun in his mouth that he can see the whole world inside of his head. Anything else is conjecture, conjecture and bullshit and pamphlets.” Welcome back, Charles Bukowski. The “poet laureate of L.A. low-life” doesn’t pull punches, nor should any writer, or what’s the […]

The Joy of Sadness

Joy of Sorrow

A friend just died and so of course I’m very sad. A little girl cries over her scoop of pistachio ice cream melting on the sidewalk. How sad is that empty cone? And look at those tears. She hasn’t learned that gravity works against us till our dying day. A gull with straw in its […]

How Many Writers Does It Take…

Artist: Gerrit Dou

“How many writers does it take to change a light bulb?” Funny how quickly a “light bulb” joke gets you chuckling.  You don’t even need a punch line.  Which proved to my advantage recently when I began a presentation leaving the question hanging.  Some wise guy in the audience supplied an answer.  Perfect.  It left […]

Writers Group Manifesto: Bleed or Die

Drug cartels may be blowing their brains out all over Mexico, but here in old Mazatlan it’s the weekly gathering of scribes who are doing all the bleeding. At least, that’s the idea. Meeting at a round table in a seaside bar named Canucks, we read from our works in progress, then sit back, bite […]

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