Give your Muse a Break: Let Fear Fuel your Fiction

Do you wait for the muse to ignite your imagination? And wait, and wait, and wait— Then, consider fueling your fiction with an ever-ready  source of inspiration. FEAR. Our characters lead us places we’d rather not go—that’s the fear I’m talking about. Of course, we don’t want to go down that road, but then why […]

Pssst! Let’s Write a Short Story!

Psst! Let's write a short story

The Internet is a “how-to” mother lode.  What’s worse, much of it is free.  How do we know what’s worth downloading?  My own Story Structure eBook is part of the e-noise out there.  It pleases me to know that a few of its thousands of readers discovered it via a friend’s recommendation.  Word-of-mouth always has […]

That Old Demon Muse


“We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.” ~ Somerset Maugham We “have to” because our muses won’t leave us alone.  I’ve been struggling to write about the muse and its modus operandi—but I don’t want to bother writers with vague thoughts about inspiration.  I even did a little […]

Three Blogs to Muse by

The Muses

I’m struggling to put together a post about ‘the Muse’.  I have a hunch it’s not the benign little pixie most of us think it is.  I’m wondering, though, if it matters.  Would it matter if you knew that your Muse were trying to kill you?  Would you care?  While I work on this ‘dark […]

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