When Critics Say, ‘Hey, you can’t do that!’


Two years an eBook—now in print—STORY STRUCTURE EXPEDITION: Journey to the Heart of a Story. It continues to draw rave reviews, such as: What the hell sort of book is this, anyway? It doesn’t teach us how to do anything. It’s a “how-to” book that morphs into a novella. You can’t do that! I recently […]

Does the Story Heart Exist?

SSXpedition FINAL

I’ve stumbled along on the writer’s journey long enough to learn one thing above all else: We don’t write to explain, we write to find out. Boy, did I find out. Story Structure Expedition: Journey to the Heart of a Story is two years’ worth of finding out. It launches today as an eBook on […]

How to Write for a 3 Year Old

SSX b&w small

“If I was in a storybook,” Columbus says, “what would I do?  Storybook heroes do something.” METAFICTION:  a literary device that poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality. Not the kind of thing you would ever find in a book for 3-year-olds. Oh, yeah? Read on and I’ll show you how metafiction took over […]

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