How the Best Stories End (Part II)

Beyond Story Structure

How to fulfill an audience? I mean, really fulfill. I think I know what nourishes me. The romantic genre, for example. Boy meets girl – boy loses girl – boy gets girl back. We’re meant to swoon at the “getting back.” And we do, sure, kind of. But honestly, do we consume fiction to see […]

Blood Wedding

Bodas de Sangre 2

    Before you die, see the film BLOOD WEDDING.  En espagnol, “Bodas de Sangre”.  It`s a flamenco ballet based on the play by Federico Garcia Lorca.  Here’s a 10-min YouTube clip: And with that, my good deed is done for the day.  But who am I to leave well enough alone? I want […]

Want What You Get


I know this sounds crazy but…is Eckhart Tolle e-stalking me? It seems that every time I compose a dispatch, I find that E.T. has been visiting my in-box. Most recently, I was making notes for a blog post on a talk I’m giving soon about ‘The Nascent Self’ with respect to fiction. [nascent, adjective: coming […]

Thank you, Eckhart Tolle

With whatever spontaneous action arises out of presence, an intelligence is then at work in the situation. Whatever the situation, that intelligence is far greater than the intelligence of the thinking mind. Sounds like my theme of the last few months, doesn’t it? At the major crisis of most films and novels, the protagonist gives […]



Peace of mind…isn’t that an oxymoron? The mind is all busyness. Peace of mind is really a disengagement from the mind. This very disconnection, or stoppage of thought, is what I’ve been pointing to in recent posts. It would seem that writers instinctively force their protagonists to this mental ‘stop’, where flashes of insight descend […]

Gurdjieff and the Centre of Gravity

If George Gurdjieff (see previous post) had been a screenwriter, he might have organized his plots around the story’s “centre of gravity”. Gurdjieff used that term with reference to his lectures. There’s no point in wasting time with details, he said, if the essence of his subject isn’t understood. Let’s – as writers and readers […]

An Education

The unbearable consequences of being human – flawed, imperfect, shortsighted – this is what the Brit film, An Education is all about. What better vehicle to highlight human folly than a 17-year-old schoolgirl. The bright and talented Jenny is so hungry for worldly experience that she can hardly be expected to defend herself against the […]

What the Mockingbird Proves

After all these years, I finally got around to reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee. The book’s unique characters held me in thrall. Who would have thought to invent a character who (without religion) is all light and goodness? He serves to contrast the general level of bigotry that’s typical of our so-called […]

Nothing but the Truth…

Am I obsessing? Once again I’m talking about that moment late in a story when battle weary heroes are forced into a ‘die or wake up’ situation. The waking up is called an ‘epiphany’. People are never the same after that. The protagonist is now equipped with the knowledge and power to bring the story […]

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