Are You Sure You’re Doing the Wrong Thing?

All wrong.

“Are you sure you’re doing the wrong thing?” Leonard Cohen recalls that long-ago advice from his mentor, the poet, Irving Layton.  More recently, on a website dedicated to breaking the unwritten rules we live by, I found this: “Have fun being wrong.” Rick Lewis posts daily practices designed to cut through our B.S. (belief systems).  […]

Get More Human

flip attempt

To celebrate his 50th birthday, a friend of mine attempts a standing back-flip in a public plaza. He hasn’t performed this stunt in fifteen years.  For six months he trains hard to regain the strength and coordination that underpinned his comedy act as a younger man.  Come the big day (last Saturday)… he almost makes […]

Condemned to Joy

Life liberty and

Fellow blogger and “intelligent misbehavor”, Rick Lewis, has kicked a hornet’s nest in my brain.  Rick was in Philadelphia last week, where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence and where the great American issues of “freedom” and the “pursuit of happiness” became grist for Rick’s daily blog.  I commented, sceptical about all this so-called […]

Don’t Read This Blog

Rick Lewis

I’d rather you didn’t waste your time reading this post.  Rather, save yourself for: That’s right, MOL goes on hold to alert you to the adventures of Rick Lewis.  Yes, the same character we met on board my previous post , the one who advocates “leaning into our own unknown”.  Well, in the last […]

E-Post from the Edge

edge of the earth

Last week I left you with a ship hanging precariously over the edge of the known world.  On board were the mavericks Herman Melville and Helen Keller.  Joining them is the American writer and iconoclast, Henry Miller: “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” Now he tells us!  With […]

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