Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Chauvet Cave 3

We’re underground with filmmaker Werner Herzog.  His helmet lamp is illuminating 32,000 year-old cave drawings.  To Herzog, these animal depictions are a milestone in the ascent of man.  They mark—and I quote—“the awakening of the human soul”.     Sounds terrific.  But wait a minute.  The S-word—what does it mean?  Herzog compares the “modern human soul” […]

Leave No Stone Unturned

So, is it my imagination, or am I having an existential crisis?  I don’t suppose it matters.  I`m not writing these days and it`s worrisome to the point of wondering who I am anymore.   Now here`s where it gets interesting.  Do I fight it, or do I confess that I actually see myself as past […]

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