How to Write from the Heart and Win Readers

Write from Heart

A good story is often inspired by a powerful experience. One that changed the author’s mind, their very way of looking at the world. A great story may change the reader’s life as well. I’m stealing that opening—and the title—from Dr. John Yeoman over at Writers’ Village. John is re-running one of my recent blog […]

“The HEART doesn’t show up as a structural element in most fiction formulas” ~ a Tweet

Are you searching heart

The fact that the Heart doesn’t show up in most fiction formulas is meant to alarm writers. One reader must have become alarmed after reading it in my new article: THE HEART OF THE STORY: What Is it, Where Is it, and How Do We Get There? I’m grateful to writer, Rahma Krambo, for Tweeting […]

Every Story Is an Escape Story

Escape Title shot

Here’s a story theory of mine worth checking out: …published today on the Write to Done website. I mean it when I say, “Check it out.” The next film you see or novel or read, examine it for the escape story it most probably is. And if you’re writing a story, see if your […]

Three Blogs to Muse by

The Muses

I’m struggling to put together a post about ‘the Muse’.  I have a hunch it’s not the benign little pixie most of us think it is.  I’m wondering, though, if it matters.  Would it matter if you knew that your Muse were trying to kill you?  Would you care?  While I work on this ‘dark […]


Ramon Kubicek

“If you’re interested in deepening your creative practice…then I suggest you sometimes forget about learning more.  Let go of the learning.  Unremember and unlearn. It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile approaching your story with the eyes and ears of a child…” To read more, click here. This week, I’m sending you over to the website […]

Culture, Psychopathology, and a walk in the rain

halifax in rain

I’ve long been a fan of “found art”, more recently “found poems”, and now “found blog posts”. This one I’ve lifted (with permission) from my “Meuse”.  Meuse and I go way back, all the way to Africa.  We used to sit around funky hotel lobbies drinking Lion Lager and writing poetry.  But that’s another story.  Today’s […]

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