Time, Prison, and the end of Karma


Here’s looking at “story” and the protagonist in terms of karma.  Eckhart Tolle recently dashed a popular misconception by pointing out that, “Time does not free you of karma.”  (KARMA:  cause and effect going back endlessly; what goes around comes around.) We generally believe that lifetimes of politically correct behaviour are needed to release ourselves […]

Want What You Get


I know this sounds crazy but…is Eckhart Tolle e-stalking me? It seems that every time I compose a dispatch, I find that E.T. has been visiting my in-box. Most recently, I was making notes for a blog post on a talk I’m giving soon about ‘The Nascent Self’ with respect to fiction. [nascent, adjective: coming […]

How Fiction Works


“How Fiction Works“, by James Wood, is a recent book with a refreshingly non-instructional approach. I was surprised to find no discussion sympathetic to my notions of ‘why fiction works’. Wood doesn’t even mention the defining moment in a story – the protagonist’s turning point – with which I appear to be as obsessed as […]

Thank you, Eckhart Tolle

With whatever spontaneous action arises out of presence, an intelligence is then at work in the situation. Whatever the situation, that intelligence is far greater than the intelligence of the thinking mind. Sounds like my theme of the last few months, doesn’t it? At the major crisis of most films and novels, the protagonist gives […]

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