The Bucket List


I’m giving a short talk this week on the theme of the “bucket list”.  You know, things to do before we die…so we might die without regrets.  Sounds like a good idea, but is it?  I’m being the devil’s advocate for no other reason than people seem all-too-ready to adopt ideas like this without examining […]

I Want to Write About Faith


I want to write about faith, about the way the moon rises over cold snow, night after night… “I want to write about faith…”  This is Whidbey Island poet, David Whyte, teaching me a thing or two about writing. The implication in such an opening line is that he can’t write about faith. That’s his […]

Twilight: part two

We were discussing the film, Twilight.  More to the point, I was talking about the protagonist’s DESIRE. Since that last dispatch, I’ve relocated to Mexico. I had the DESIRE to avoid the winter rains. But there won’t be much MEANING to my great escape unless I pay close attention to the experience of being here. I […]

Twilight: fatal desire (part one)

I may be deluded, but I’m assuming that most teenagers crave insights into the meaning of their lives.  And if ‘crave’ is over the top, then let’s try ‘wouldn’t mind the odd glimpse’.  Let’s try for such a glimpse with my much promised chat about DESIRE. DESIRE is not a source of lasting meaning, is it?  […]

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