An Everlasting Itch

edge of the world

Believing the world to be flat, long-ago people must have feared falling off the edge.  Imagine the courage it required to embark on a voyage toward the unknown.  Yet men did.  It’s a paradox—we want to live—yet we put life at risk to live better.  Listen to Herman Melville: “As for me, I am tormented […]

When Rites Go Wrong: The Lost Symbol


I just read The Lost Symbol.  I’d heard that one of the characters was covered with tattoos.  Tattoo symbols, signs, sigils, and exotic text.  When done right, tattoos in fiction can focus the story’s meaning. Like everything else in this novel by Dan Brown, the tattooed antagonist is way over the top.  Actually, it’s the […]

Vampires, Eternity, and Time

“The thing about vampires is that they mistake eternity as the endless duration of time.” My friend, Colin, laid this profundity on me over coffee the other day. We were discussing pop culture’s infatuation with vampires in films and novels. I suggested that while we need ‘escapist’ literature, perhaps there’s too much of it these […]

Bringing Your Inside Out

photo by Vincent Errol Hemingson

I spent the weekend monitoring the border between the known and the unknown. To the fly on the wall it no doubt appeared as if I were merely interviewing people. Tattooed people. And a group of professional photographers. These two tribes were brought together in a unique photo project sponsored by You could call […]

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