“How to” Will Never Create Art

On Writing

“It’s only when a man gets to the point of a gun in his mouth that he can see the whole world inside of his head. Anything else is conjecture, conjecture and bullshit and pamphlets.” Welcome back, Charles Bukowski. The “poet laureate of L.A. low-life” doesn’t pull punches, nor should any writer, or what’s the […]

Panic at the Poetry Reading

Poetry reading

“If you’re going to try, go all the way, otherwise don’t even start.” This was my seemingly off-hand comment as I approached the dais at a meeting of the Rose Point Poets’ Society and if it sounded abrupt, almost a rude admonishment, well, it was intended.  I wanted my audience’s attention.  “If you’re going to […]

Perfect Laughter


      Want to “ride life straight to perfect laughter”? In a poem called “Roll the Dice”, Charles Bukowski tells us how. It starts like this:   if you’re going to try, go all the way. otherwise, don’t even start… That’s the premise for his autobiographical novel, Factotum (also a film adaptation featuring Matt […]

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