Story Cartel: trust me on this one

Story Cartel logoAre you a writer with a manuscript burning a hole in your patience? 

I’m going to direct you to a website that’s making waves by bringing competing writers together as allies.  Go ahead—skip my inspiring preamble if you’re in a rush and click on over there—go ahead.

Inspiring preamble:

When I was a high school student, I wrote the government asking about summer employment.  Not just any old job, oh, no, not me. I sought work that involved “travel”.  Two years later I received a phone call.  The Alberta government found my letter in a file.  They wanted someone to tour an exhibition around North America. 

Moral of the story—connect connect connect!

Years later, just starting out as a writer, my screenplay fell into the hands of another writer.  He encouraged me to submit it to a prestigious competition in Hollywood.  He liked it so much that he volunteered to tear it apart and help me put it back to together.  Out of 4000 scripts, it became one of eight finalists.  My phone rang off the hook for months.

Moral of the story—two writer heads can be better than one.

Later, I ran into a producer at a film forum.  We knew of each other, so I pitched him my latest work-in-progress.  He wanted it on his desk Monday morning.  A cheque followed forthwith—$20,000 to write a first draft.  I knew he was retiring soon and I suspect he wanted to do something for me

Moral of the story—people like to help other people.

Soon thereafter, another producer was considering a screenplay of mine.  He didn’t want it but he said, “PJ, I’d like to read that story as a novel.”  It became my first published book, Smoke That Thunders.  Of course, he gets a mention on my Acknowledgements page.

Subsequently, a different publisher asked me to write him a novel.  I don’t think he’d even read Smoke.  He liked doing business with writers who liked talking “story” while doing coffee.  We produced my next novel, ROXY.

Moral of the story—business people are often really people people.

And recently, with the help of the folks at Story Cartel, I re-launched ROXY as an eBook.  Hundreds of readers from around the world volunteered to read my book and review it on Amazon.    

I’ve run out of morals, but I have a tip:  Story Cartel.

Story Cartel is all about connections.  They’re building a community of writers who want to share their books and build their platforms.  If it sounds suspiciously like competitors cozying up to each other, that’s exactly what a cartel is. 

“Instead of acting like competitors, we choose to act like allies.  By helping each other, [we] multiply our efforts.”

Story Cartel is offering a free course later this week—a primer for getting more involved in their dream of helping writers get published. 

I don’t often say, “Trust me,” but if anybody in this business can be trusted, it’s them.

And let me know how it goes.

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    I like the way you made a story out of this piece, PJ! Who doesn’t love the moral of the story? Ha ha. Thank you for the slices of your life. Who doesn’t love a good story? Aren’t Joe and Jeff and the guys an awesome bunch. I am just glad you stood up to do the Hallelujah, because I felt like getting up on a table after reading Joe’s first letter. I really felt proud and grateful to be in with people who feel like they’re coming from the right place, who I am constantly inspired by. Thanks for shining a light on them. They deserve it. Who doesn’t love a bunch of guys working for the good of each other? :-)

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