Pssst! Let’s Write a Short Story!

The Internet is a “how-to” mother lode. 

What’s worse, much of it is free.  How do we know what’s worth downloading? 

My own Story Structure eBook is part of the e-noise out there.  It pleases me to know that a few of its thousands of readers discovered it via a friend’s recommendation.  Word-of-mouth always has been the most foolproof screening mechanism.

And so, today, I’m whispering these words in your ear:

Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting.

Here’s why:

Having so far failed to find a publisher for I Swallowed a Saint, this “funny-scary-wonderful bit of writing” (my agent’s review) languishes in obscurity.  Perhaps for that reason, I’ve become creatively constipated!

NOTE TO MY MUSE: if you’re waiting to see rewards for your previous efforts before releasing your grip on my creative sphincter—have mercy!  

But relief may have arrived in the form of one of those “how-to” eBooks I was talking about:

Let’s Write a Short Story! 

Joe Bunting hosts The Write Practice website.  In his new book he pitches the short story as a stepping stone to a writing career.

Short stories are do-able, Joe says.  They’re easier to finish and easier to publishLiterary journals not only eat them up, but they’re read by agents looking for new talent

What’s more, writing short stories is good practice

What’s even more, a short piece may one day want to become all grown up as a novel.

To support Joe’s book launch, I happily wrote this blurb: 

“Bunting’s book is… a source of inspiration.  Looking for reasons why you should become a writer? Check out “Let’s Write a Short Story!” Joe calls us to action: Be the hero of your own writing life, or go home!  Joe is sincere in his desire to help aspiring writers break through.”

And my #1 reason to write a short story is because…

I am a writer.

Let’s Write a Short Story! reveals, almost ruthlessly, what being a writer is all about.  I’ve all but forgotten why I love writing—it’s the writing followed by the shipping.

Write it and ship it.

To that end, Joe challenges us—not just to write a short story, but—to submit it to a literary journal. 

Okay, Joe, you’re on.

I’ve got got got to get my head out of my a** and quit wasting my time sweet-talking Ms. Muse.  I’ve got got got to start moving some fiction again. 

I Swallowed a Saint is written and shipped.  I hope someday you’ll all get a chance to digest it.  In the meantime…

Let’s write a short story!

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