Positive disintegration

I know, I know — I said we’d discuss ‘desire’ as one of the doorways to life’s meaning.  We will, we will.   The problem is I’ve found myself in the middle of a personal upheaval.  Mcwife and I are in the process of selling up and backing out of the marketplace for a while.  We’re living in a basement suite as a stop-gap measure before heading for Mexico.  

If we’re experiencing chaos, we’ve brought it on ourselves, I know that.  With no home base, and no place to park the car while we’re gone, and no place to park our butts when we return — well —  perhaps you’ll pardon me if I’m not taking care of business as planned. 

The world isn’t so much falling apart as I’ve dismantled it, myself — yet the result is still a sense of disintegration, which is never fun.  But that’s not to say it isn’t an opportunity to observe how the stripped-down human organizm reacts.  One of my first mentors (Dr. Kazimierz Dabrowski) referred to such discombobulations as ‘positive disintegration’.  

‘Positive’ because from ashes comes new life, new ways of seeing ourselves and the world.  In fact, he said that disintegration was essential for mental development.  I say that the ever greater world view that emerges after letting go of old habits is nothing less than the meaning of life.  So that makes me confused and delighted at the same time.  

I love being in two places at once.

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  1. Dogon Affar says

    I have enough trouble being in one place at once. Didn’t I have a clever comment about chaos? My mind is pure chaos because I can’t remember my beautiful phrase!

  2. says

    Hey, Dogon…if you can manage not to think — and still communicate — then I’m coming over to your place for lessons in being here now.

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