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A phone call out of the blue sends Roxy on a mercy mission to a Greek island.  Her estranged grandfather is dying.  When her mother refuses to go, Roxy jumps at the chance.  Interrogating the old man, Roxy unearths a tragic love story, a mystery that grows more hideously compelling with each Mediterranean sunrise.  Even more unexpected is the life that’s growing inside Roxy—her own secret.  Desperate to rid the family landscape of lies, Roxy attempts to release three (no, make that four!) generations of women from a curse so they can all be born again. 

“Electric, full of colour, sweet smells, heat and dizzying heights. Highly Recommended.”
~ Joan Marshall, bookseller

“Reece has crafted a coming of age tale which should be sad and painful but instead is spirited. Readers will continue to consider Roxy long after the last page is turned.”
~ Library Media Connection

Highly recommended for your teenagers, but don’t miss out — read it yourself first.
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This ebook is essential reading for anyone who has ever wondered why readers read and why writers write.  PJ’s latest offering recounts his near-miss in Hollywood and his 20-year search for “how fiction REALLY works”.  What he discovered will surprise you.

“Profound it [its] insights into the nature not merely of screenwriting but narrative expression in any and all forms, formats, and media.” ~ Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairman.

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Smoke That Thunders by PJ Reece

What is young David Livingstone doing on the run in Africa, with his mother’s credit card in his pocket and the Tanzanian police in hot pursuit? And what is he doing on Hell Road, a potholed obstacle course leading to the heart of the continent, where cannibals lie in wait?  Car cannibals that is.  And with the rumour of duma the cheetah spreading. The truth is that David can’t answer these questions himself. Is he chasing his father’s ghost, or proving himself to the beautiful Jackie back in Canada? More questions. But he’s hell bent on reaching Victoria Falls, the Smoke That Thunders. And then there’s old Mr. Changwe, who lost a leg to the duma, and his teasing, seductive daughter Pepsi. Mr. Changwe has even more pressing reasons to get to the famous waterfall.

This is a very funny, deadpan, provocative book, and PJ Reece knows from the inside an Africa few of us have read about — colourful, contradictory, and confounding every stereotype of the dark continent.

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by Yadi Sharifirad with PJ Reece

9780887625268[1]Yadi Sharifirad, Iranian Top Gun, national hero, and poster boy for the military forces of the Islamic Regime, thought his record spoke for itself. But he underestimated Ayatollah Khomeini’s antipathy for American-trained fighter pilots—all but a few were executed. Sharifi’s luck ran out when one fine day he was abducted, imprisoned and tortured on trumped-up charges of spying for the CIA. Upon his release, Sharifi was jobless, friendless, and under constant surveillance. His escape to Canada took six years. First to smuggle his family out with fake passports, then to escape himself through the winter mountains into Turkey, with wolves competing with border guards to finish him off. The book provides an absorbing historical and cultural backdrop to Iran.

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