How I Lied my Way to the Truth

Super simple Story StructureI just completed a Reece piece titled:

Everything You Need to Know about Story Structure (in 5 minutes).

Catchy headline, yes?

You’ll be happy to know that I feel a tad disingenuous about it. We all know very well that the study of story mechanics can fill years.

And yet, when I was done, my own article convinced me of the truth of my lie.

For the beginner—or for the pro burdened with a toolbox heavy with story nuts and bolts—or for anyone who wants to freewheel through a first draft—a super-simple overview of a proven story trajectory might be all a writer needs.

In fact, that’s the way I work!

I wouldn’t follow a story grid unless you paid me. (I save the rules for my second draft.)

So, my title proves not so facetious, after all.

In less time than it takes to sip a cup of coffee, you too can catch a glimpse of story structure as I’ve come to understand it through 25 years of professional writing.

If you’re on a coffee break, click here to visit WriteToDone, where my surprisingly useful lie has just been published.

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    Wonderful news, PJ. Now I’m going to lie myself to the truth about my social media skills and see if I can figure out how to share the post! Congrats!

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