Five Reasons to ReLaunch Your Novel

So, I’ve got this Y.A. novel that’s been around the block.  By which I mean that ROXY went out and got herself published, saw the inside of a few bookstores and then, alas, returned home to roost.  You know the story. 

Maybe you, too, have a work-in-hibernation.

Well, recently, it occurred to my wee imagination that perhaps I should give her a second life.  A re-launch, complete with a new cover. 

ROXY made it into print all right, but where’s the e-version?  My publishers aren’t ready to e-organize their business, so they gave me their blessing to e-manage it myself. 

And so, announcing:

ROXY, the eBook.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?  An e-launch.  You be the judge.



Think about it.  Every year, millions of brand new teenagers are born.  Born hungry.  Hungry for good stories.  So, how good is ROXY?


“The setting for this book is electric, full of colour, sweet smells, heat and dizzying heights,” and: “Reece has crafted a coming of age tale which should be sad and painful but instead is spirited.”

Kudos like that convinced me that ROXY was worth another shot. 

“Roxy is a delightful character, self-deprecating, full of common sense and determination.”

Likeable but edgy, Roxy shows us the kind of determination it takes to make a dent in this world, and thereby straighten it out. 

“Highly recommended for your teenagers, but don’t miss out, read it yourself first.”

Which got me thinking.  If ROXY appeals equally to adults, then Y.A. may be missing the mark.  Was Stand by Me a “young adult” story?  What is “Y.A”, anyway?  It’s not a genre, it’s an age-group. 


Roxy is a 17-year-old woman whose search for the truth shows her that her life has been a fraud.  When that happens—in fact no less than in fiction—we find ourselves suddenly and unexpectedly on the verge of life.  Is that a new genre—“verge of life”?   

Forget, “young adult”.  ROXY is a “coming-of-age/adventure story”. 

As one library media specialist wrote: “Many readers will continue to consider Roxy long after the last page is turned.


Three years ago, I had no author platform from which to meet writers and readers.  And while this blog isn’t exactly The Huffington Post, a few hundred people will read this.  God willing, a few may spread the word. 

At ROXY’s original launch…wait a minute!—she never had a launch party. 

And finally…


Don’t have an e-device on which to read ROXY?  You don’t need one.  Here’s a free download link to install Kindle on your PC.

Although she launches officially next Thursday the 13th, ROXY already shows up in the Kindle Store.  Do you know anyone for whom the “verge of life” strikes a fearful chord?  Maybe ROXY is for them…I mean you.

Maybe your own forgotten novel is ready for another trip around the block.

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  1. says

    Hi PJ,
    Thanks for the info on Kindle for PC. I had no idea! I’ve just finished a YA novel myself and am shopping it to agents. It’s an arduous process; those ‘no’s’ take a long time to arrive;) I’m considering e-publishing as well and will watch your progress, and download your book.

    ps. we know each other from long ago–Weird Weddings etc.

  2. Sarah says

    A great move for Roxy, PJ. and I agree the book’s readership covers a wide age range. My 14 year old granddaughter has read it twice and had to own her personal copy.

  3. says

    This is fantastic! I adore YA (I used to be a middle school teacher) and always have a book of that sort on my nightstand. I don’t own a Kindle or anything like that, but can I still get it in print?

  4. says

    Callie… I’m sure you’ve got more than one Y.A. novel gestating within all your experience. Btw… here’s that download link for a free Kindle app for your PC:

    This “Kindle for PC” is what I use. And, yes, the print version (different cover) is available on Amazon. I was amused to see what one reviewer said about my new cover. Here, I’ll give you the link to that review as well:

    I love how she describes “ROXY’ as a book you want to “trick” your daughter into… because she’ll emerge a more mature person. If I could promote that thought…I might be in business.

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