Enter Here All Ye Writers, Readers & Movie Lovers

PJ Reece, writer, author, adventurer

Enter here, all ye writers, readers, and movie lovers.

A special welcome to those of you possessed of an overactive spirit of adventure.

The young heroes of my two novels are just like you — free spirits driven to the ends of the earth by their deepest yearnings.

Desire — we struggle to keep it in check, but the truth is we can’t exist without it. Desire equals all our bloody history.  But Desire and its inevitable failure is also the doorway to our ultimate awakening.

Show me the worthy protagonist who does not come to know this intimately.

Show me the audience that doesn’t demand to see the hero suffer through transformation.

Show me the writer who isn’t relieved to discover this fact of fiction.

All this is in my eBook, STORY STRUCTURE TO DIE FOR.

My “Meaning of Life” blog is dedicated to exploring desire (and its aftermath) in fiction.  The journey has led me up a Congo River of irony, paradox and blessed disillusionment into a heart of darkness.  That steaming jungle, I call it the “heart of the story”.  That’s where the heart of our protagonist starts to beat.  That’s where the life force kicks in.

The story heart is actually a mystical heart, but there’s no reason to shy away from the M-word.  Mystical simply implies that the truth is buried.  It is buried beneath human habit and convention.

Most good stories serve the revelation of truth.  They depict the painful journey of the protagonist as she discovers her higher nature hidden behind her superficial desire. ROXY sifts through family secrets to find her truth … read more here.

Please check out articles I’ve written for various publications, including “Tattoos and the Heart of Fiction” and “What Makes a Good Tattoo”.

Don’t be a stranger.