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I’d rather you didn’t waste your time reading this post.  Rather, save yourself for:

Rick LewisThat’s right, MOL goes on hold to alert you to the adventures of Rick Lewis. 

Yes, the same character we met on board my previous post , the one who advocates “leaning into our own unknown”.  Well, in the last few days, Rick has found himself venturing farther into his own dark side than he anticipated. 

Let me explain:

Rick soon turns 50.  Author, Zen aficionado and physical comedian, Rick decided he’d celebrate by turning 30 again…and by executing the perfect back-flip.  Just like the good old days.  His blog is a diary of his training regime and all the mental chitchat that accompanies the pain, the promise, the doubt, and the lessons and meaning (or not!) behind it all.  But in the last few days an injury has put his mission in peril.  Not one to quit, Rick is wondering if the whole idea has been vanity—nothing but the ego’s folly? 

Rick’s blog has become nothing less than the anatomy of a hero’s crisis and metamorphosis.  With a real-time, play-by-play commentary!  You don’t get that everyday!

I tell you all this without fear of crippling Rick with self-consciousness.  Rick is already conscious—and for that very reason he is able to record the details of his own foolishness.  Not that I think he’s being foolish at all.  When conscious people speak of their own folly, we find ourselves grateful for the opportunity to gaze through their window into the human condition.  In the face of which we naturally and oh-so-soberly see ourselves. 

We see ourselves, folks!

If you`re still reading this…I can tell you that for months now I’ve been pointing to the critical moments in drama (sometimes in real life) where the hero meets the wall.  Where failure finds itself abandoned—alone with nothing but the raw passion for life.  It is death and resurrection.  And here it is delivered daily to your e-mail inbox.

In my mission to explore the MOL, I sincerely and humbly send you over to the rare experience that is Mr. Rick Lewis.  Let him know you’re tuning in. 

And I’ll see you in a few short days. 

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