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PHOOLAN the movieVictim of gang rape as a young woman, Phoolan did not remain a victim.

She fought back.

This important film needs your help!

It’s the ultimate sexual harassment story—PHOOLAN: the Bandit Queen of India.

Phoolan went on a vengeful rampage before becoming a member of parliament.

Beloved friends of mine, hammering away on this documentary for four years now, are in the home stretch. Their KICKSTARTER campaign  is in its final two days.

They need your help — not now but RIGHT NOW!

Check out their trailer at

It might be the best thing you do all week.

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  1. pamelita says

    Glad to support this timely project, Phoolan. We need more bandits! I mean, to fight for an evolutionary leap in caring more for others – in this case girls and women (and boys and men) who are preyed upon by any
    who, in ignorance and blindness, take what they want with no regard for the sacredness of life other than their own.

  2. says

    Thank you Pamelita — where are you? in Mexico? Oh, right — you’re submitting this comment from the next room. Yes, full disclosure, Pamelita is my wife, uploading her VISA number to contribute to this cause. If anyone wants to share this blog post to your Facebook or Twitter world, please do. Not now but right now. The clock is ticking, I’m afraid.

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