A phone call out of the blue sends 17-year-old Roxy on a mercy mission to a Greek island.  Her estranged grandfather is dying.  When her mother refuses to go, Roxy jumps at the chance.  Interrogating the old man, Roxy unearths a tragic love story, a mystery that grows more hideously compelling with each Mediterranean sunrise.  Even more unexpected is the life that’s growing inside Roxy—her own secret.  Desperate to rid the family landscape of lies, Roxy attempts to release three (no, make that four!) generations of women from a curse so they can all be born again. 

Lure a girl to the ends of the eath,
to claim the long lost pieces of her life…
can the unborn really do that?

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“A friend of mine gave me this book to pass along to my teenage daughter. I happened to be out of town at the time so I read the first couple of pages on the plane as I was taking it home and the next thing I knew I was turning the last page. I was glad I was sitting in the window seat because I spent much of the flight privately turned away with tears rolling down my cheeks as the story line touched on issues that pulse at the core of every family — hearts locked up by secrets, love unexpressed out of misunderstandings and fears, the triumph, release and redemption of honesty, forgiveness and vulnerability.

“I can’t wait to give it to my daughter as I’m always looking for books that will not only interest her, but model a message about life issues that are positive and inspiring.

“It was refreshing to read a book that is so acknowledging of the importance of family in way that honors elders without being in any way, shape or form preachy about it. They always say that good writing doesn’t tell, it shows, and Roxy delivers a rich tapestry of imagery, textures, sights, sounds and real characters that you don’t want to say goodbye to.

“Set primarily in Greece, this novel raises the curtain on the spectacular backdrop of a rugged, ancient, and simple land that just might have you booking a ticket to see it in person. Yet you don’t really have to as you experience it through the senses of Roxy who at the age of 17 travels there from Canada to meet her estranged grandfather for the first time. When Roxy first meets him, her preconceptions of the man, all based on a storyline supplied by her mother, begin to crumble and give way to an experience she never expected.

“This primary story of the discovery of an important relationship, the coming of age that happens when one has the courage to draw one’s own conclusions that are separate and distinct from one’s parents, is threaded beneath a series of coincidental and life changing events that leave Roxy utterly transformed and draws her entire family into a parallel healing by the end.

“Roxy talks of the first moments with her grandfather, ‘I could have cried, you know, because here is this very significant person shaking your hand, and officially you’re supposed to hate him, but something’s changed radically now that he’s holding your hand. Of course you want a hug, but never mind, because you can actually feel the person through their hand. You can feel their heart. And he wouldn’t take his eyes off me…’

Highly recommended for your teenagers, but don’t miss out, read it yourself first.”

Buy ROXY at ~ only $4.99