How to Write for a 3 Year Old

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“If I was in a storybook,” Columbus says, “what would I do?  Storybook heroes do something.” METAFICTION:  a literary device that poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality. Not the kind of thing you would ever find in a book for 3-year-olds. Oh, yeah? Read on and I’ll show you how metafiction took over […]

How to Unhook from the “How-to” Habit

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Anyone feel they haven’t read enough “how-to” books on writing? Claudia in Mendoza, Argentina, says she hasn’t finished reading John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction. Go for it, Claudia—Gardner is one of my favourites. But before you go, take two minutes to consider my argument for becoming a writer from the inside out. First, a confession: […]

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