Misdirection: the wrong way is the right way

Henry Shukman, author

After 25 years you’d expect a writer to know what he’s doing.  How fiction works—got it.  Story mechanics—check.  Structure—wrote a book about it. And yet I cannot swear that I know what I’m doing.  A story’s purpose, for instance—I suspect that a story’s meaning lies beyond mechanics.  There’s something more sophisticated going on, I can […]

Frustrated Author Syndrome

Hang on Henry!

Frustrated Author Syndrome.  Waiting for publication–it can really leave you hanging.  Read all about this modern-day scourge on The Write Practice.  Fortunately, I’m not infected—not with a deadly dose, anyway—and that’s because I’ve been a writer for so long that I’ve developed immunity.  My successes and failures at screenwriting and novels have taught me to: […]

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