Writers Can’t Talk

Zorba the Greek

Writers don’t always relish public speaking. But we sure love to put words in other people’s mouths. Author, Nikos Kazantzakis, for instance.  In Zorba the Greek, Zorba and the anal Englishman, Basil, are strolling past the widow’s house.  Zorba notices her in the window, then, excited for Basil… ZORBA:  Boss!  Listen—you knock—you say, ‘I have […]

Five Reasons to ReLaunch Your Novel

Roxy by PJ Reece

So, I’ve got this Y.A. novel that’s been around the block.  By which I mean that ROXY went out and got herself published, saw the inside of a few bookstores and then, alas, returned home to roost.  You know the story.  Maybe you, too, have a work-in-hibernation. Well, recently, it occurred to my wee imagination […]

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