Are We Having Fun Yet?

Here's looking at you...

Three years and 150 blog posts later, I find myself no less excited about exploring: How Fiction Works and Why We Read and Why We Write. As you know, I find answers to these questions buried in what I call the “mystical heart” of a story.  By mystical I mean “not immediately available to our […]

Crying for a Good Story

Heart to heart talk

  I was surprised to find myself in tears at a local sidewalk café.  It was embarrassing because we were supposed to be having an intellectual discussion.  From whence those tears?  Well, I’ll tell you. We were discussing story structure, this first-time novelist and I: “Your protagonist IS your story,” that sort of thing.  “Your […]

Richard Walter, Pablo Casals, and Zen Learning

Pablo Casals listening hard.

UCLA screenwriting prof, Richard Walter, tells the story of an encounter with Pablo Casals in Puerto Rico.  Walter wasn’t a student of the famous cello master.  He was a teenager attending student recitals.  At the conclusion of each piece, Casals would… “sit there patiently, simply nodding. Now, his eyes would roll back into his head. […]

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