Pssst! Let’s Write a Short Story!

Psst! Let's write a short story

The Internet is a “how-to” mother lode.  What’s worse, much of it is free.  How do we know what’s worth downloading?  My own Story Structure eBook is part of the e-noise out there.  It pleases me to know that a few of its thousands of readers discovered it via a friend’s recommendation.  Word-of-mouth always has […]

More Funny Business


I invite you to click on over to Write to Done… where you’ll find my guest post about “How to Write Funny”. Of course, it’s an impossible question because no one knows how!  Which makes it funny already.  And therein lies a lesson: Funny is about charming the implausible into sounding somehow possible.  I’m taking […]

Brick Walls

Another brick in the wall

“The brick walls are there for a reason…” Danny Iny over at Firepole Marketing challenges the trendy belief that we all have an equal chance to build powerful online platforms.  Just as you suspected, “the deck really is stacked against you,” says Danny.  The Internet is not a level playing field.  We’re up against the […]

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