Before I Die…


“Life should fulfill me.”  Who asks what life expects from them?  Anyone? Here I am stopped in my tracks by our town’s “Before I die…” public art installation.  I am impressed, as you can tell.  Seriously.  Young people would appear to have dug deep to chalk up their hopes and dreams. Walk the Camino Travel […]

Up the Congo

Heart of Darkness

“We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness…” Joseph Conrad’s famous tale concerns an expedition up the Congo River.  The mission: to repatriate a company agent.  And with each bend in that jungle river, the protagonist’s belief system proves increasingly unreliable.  The Heart of Darkness…the perfect metaphor for the hero’s journey. And the […]

Death of a Poet


A poet dies.    Is it dust to dust and that’s it?  Or is there such a thing as a lasting legacy?  What can we learn in the aftermath of an art-committed life?     Does a life have meaning?  Andy Suknaski grew up in Sitting Bull country in southern Saskatchewan.  He remained there, in his […]

“HIT LIT”: unofficial Users Guide

Hit Lit

Hit Lit: Cracking the Code of the 20th Century’s Biggest Bestsellers, by James W. Hall, performs a group autopsy on the biggest blockbusters of the last century.   From Gone with the Wind to The Da Vinci Code, a dozen mega-novels reveal their common story elements: The heroes are mavericks. Forget about characters’ interior dialogue. […]

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