Three Blogs to Muse by

The Muses

I’m struggling to put together a post about ‘the Muse’.  I have a hunch it’s not the benign little pixie most of us think it is.  I’m wondering, though, if it matters.  Would it matter if you knew that your Muse were trying to kill you?  Would you care?  While I work on this ‘dark […]

A Writer Never Knows


If you risked downloading my eBook, “Story Structure to Die for”, you’re not alone.  Almost a thousand writers have e-grabbed their free copy this week.   I’m gratified to hear back from people I don’t know, people who owe me nothing and yet have taken a moment to leave words of thanks: “It’s truly a […]

Story Structure to Die for

Story Structure COVER

The wait has been excruciating.  For me!  But finally… STORY STRUCTURE TO DIE FOR is available as an eBook.  There’s a link somewhere on this page, so go ahead and click it.  It’s FREE.  Free to download, free to pass on to your friends, and of course you’re more than free to tell me what […]

Crying for a Good Story

Heart to heart talk

I was surprised to find myself in tears at a local sidewalk café.  It was embarrassing because we were supposed to be having an intellectual discussion.  From whence those tears?  Well, I’ll tell you. We were discussing story structure, this first-time novelist and I: “Your protagonist IS your story,” that sort of thing.  “Your character […]

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