Ramon Kubicek

“If you’re interested in deepening your creative practice…then I suggest you sometimes forget about learning more.  Let go of the learning.  Unremember and unlearn. It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile approaching your story with the eyes and ears of a child…” To read more, click here. This week, I’m sending you over to the website […]



Do you play “Heartspotting”?  Just this morning, I scored big—on page 203 of “South of the Border, West of the Sun” by Haruki Murakami: For a moment or two, my sense of self really did break down, its very outlines melting away into a thick, syrupy goo.  There it is—protagonist hits rock bottom.  Doesn’t even know […]

Ouch! Melodrama. Damn.


My eBook is late.  My apologies.  I’m simplifying the thesis.  Some days it seems ridiculously simple, and on other days blindingly obtuse, so bear with me.  Meanwhile, here’s the book’s “Introduction”. A few years ago, nothing stood between me and my Hollywood career except Jack Lemmon and Eva Marie Saint. My screenplay had worked its way […]

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