Tattoos, Zen Breath, and the Heart of Fiction


You’re a writer.  So, you’re obsessed.  You’re thinking that your passion might be an affliction.  The time you’re wasting!  The money you’re not making!  The friends you’re losing!  Perhaps you need help.  Or, maybe you just need to listen to this: I was gazing fondly at my tattoo this morning… It’s a motif discovered on […]

How Fiction REALLY Works


Things are changing around here. Two years ago when I launched this blog, my thoughts inclined toward young readers.  I had just published Roxy and wanted to give my audience the chance to pick the author’s brain.  Problem is, teenage girls (justifiably) don’t want to go anywhere near the brain or any other body part […]

I’m Only Human

hug 2

I’m talking a lot lately about “being human”.  It arises out of 25 years studying stories.  Stories almost always serve our understanding of “humanity”.  Protagonists, through their struggles, point out how imperfect we are.  And yet!  You hear it every day, the scorn heaped upon human fallibility.  Why – because once we were perfect?  What […]

Living with Books

living with books

Books on my shelf. I know them by their size, colour and location.  I hear their voices, their arguments, memoirs, whispers, rants, dialogues, jokes, philosophies, sophistries, poetry and confessions.  To recognize their distinctive spines is to recall their long tall tales, adventures to the ends of the earth, their meditations and lies, their meanings, logic, […]

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