The Secret Life of Desire

Odysseus and Sirens

  Donna was her name.  My first love.  Hook, line and sinker I swallowed the promise of romance.  For two years, bliss.  Then one day I couldn’t breathe for grief.  I was sinking in quicksand, alone again. Love and Desire – they’re not finished with us until we’re going under for the third time. Don’t let anyone […]

Beware What You Wish For

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Consider this: what if dreams were meant to ruin us?  I’m not talking about snooze-dreams, but rather our deepest yearnings.  “I have a dream!” kind of dream.  What if these dreams that lurk inside us were luring us to the perfect defeat?  The kind of defeat that gives us what we’re really after.  Where do […]

Zen Says Breathing

Greek refuge

I want to write a new post…  but a television writing project is keeping me busy 14 hours a day.  Nevertheless, I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who don’t publish.  So here’s something which, while short, may still be meaningful.  It is to me. Breathing. Let me tell you a story. Earlier […]

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