Time, Prison, and the end of Karma


Here’s looking at “story” and the protagonist in terms of karma.  Eckhart Tolle recently dashed a popular misconception by pointing out that, “Time does not free you of karma.”  (KARMA:  cause and effect going back endlessly; what goes around comes around.) We generally believe that lifetimes of politically correct behaviour are needed to release ourselves […]

Cult of Nothing to Lose

UK riots

I’m struggling to make sense of the UK riots.  If you are too, then follow along as I think this through. While ferociously pessimistic, the rioting and the rebels don’t seem to be entirely without a cause.  Here’s a UK journalist (writing for the Globe and Mail) getting inside a rioter’s skin: “You don’t fear […]

Blog Noir

Stop noir

Why do we love stories?  Because we yearn to uncover hidden facts of our lives. Why do we meditate?  Because we know there’s more than meets the eye. Why are you reading this blog?  Because these posts seem to circle something important, which, if I were smarter, I could better articulate and move on to […]

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