The Language of God

sheet of music

WARNING: contains material from a sermon delivered last week to an Anglican congregation in Ontario.  God, however, plays second fiddle to musicians and mathematicians.  “You could say that mathematics is the Rosetta Stone of the universe – the language, in a sense, of God.”  The iconoclast is William Thorsell, journalist, historian and visionary.  In the […]

The Art of Art for Dummies

contact sheet

“If you wish to be a photographer, take a photograph.  If you want to be a better photographer, take another photograph.”  — Robert Capa. And if you want to be a writer, then write.  One story after another.  Here we go again.  I’m doing it again!  I’m starting another novel. Past attempts have taught me […]

Age of Information: thanks & goodbye

David White 2

All this talk of “News of the World”… Allegations of cell phone hacking.  Digital interloping.  Scoops, muck, grief and mayhem.  Seduce readers, sell papers.  A free press pleases the gods in the Age of Information. Oh!  Is it really?  “The Age of Info”?  (yawn)  Actually, I’m less bored than I am shocked!  Shocked that anyone […]

Get More Human

flip attempt

To celebrate his 50th birthday, a friend of mine attempts a standing back-flip in a public plaza. He hasn’t performed this stunt in fifteen years.  For six months he trains hard to regain the strength and coordination that underpinned his comedy act as a younger man.  Come the big day (last Saturday)… he almost makes […]

If You Want to Write…


If you want to write*… First of all, this is an art form that few have mastered.  That’s the good news.  If good writing came easy, writers wouldn’t so often find themselves in awe of what works.  We wouldn’t respect good writing for the mystery it is.  We wouldn’t seek out other authors as we […]

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