Travel Is an Extension of Childhood


“Travel is an extension of childhood.” You may have read that in the “comments” thread of a recent post: “The Superstition of Travelling”.  “Waking up early on a summer morning in the fullness of childhood is about as good as it gets in life,” the reader continued. It reminds me of my own childhood in […]

A Perfect Riot

Riot 14

Cars burning, stores looted, cops maintaining a hands-off policy… it’s situation perfect. We have their photographs.  Soon all their names.  It would seem that in one fell swoop our society’s up-and-coming sociopaths have been outed.  This is something to celebrate. We hear talk of anarchists, alcohol, adolescent frustration and kids from good families getting swept […]

The Superstition of Travelling


“The soul is no traveller.”  This bit of apocryphal nonsense comes to us from the venerable Ralph Waldo Emerson, who goes on to talk about the “superstition of travelling”.  The benefits of travel are imagined?  If that’s the case, I’ve wasted my life.  Passport stamps are pretty much my biography.  Emerson criticizes his fellow Americans […]

Buck Naked vs the Black Baron

Black 2

          Lord Black of Crossharbour (alias Conrad Black) is back in the slammer after the judge tossed out his appeal.  What a loser.  Oh! excuse me – he’s a kazillionaire.  How could I (yawn) forget?  Meanwhile, live! on stage in London, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t doing too badly either.  He would be […]

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