Meteor Landing


A weird halogen light tailgates us from the darkness as we drive west on Highway 45… At the wheel is prairie writer, filmmaker and iconographer, Harvey Spak.  He calls this poem “Meteor Landing”, one of 43 prosy pieces assembled into a collection called: “The Reign of the English Cowboys IS OVER!”  Self-published, it arrived in […]

Play it as it Lies

Asian golf

“I was kidnapped once—on the golf course.  It’s true, I swear to God.” My audience — 16 of them — sat up.  So far so good.  My aim was to show how golf turns its aficionados into philosophers.  Failing that, my talk would provide a little entertainment, perhaps.   After all, people love to loathe golf, […]

Culture, Psychopathology, and a walk in the rain

halifax in rain

I’ve long been a fan of “found art”, more recently “found poems”, and now “found blog posts”. This one I’ve lifted (with permission) from my “Meuse”.  Meuse and I go way back, all the way to Africa.  We used to sit around funky hotel lobbies drinking Lion Lager and writing poetry.  But that’s another story.  Today’s […]

He Swallowed a Saint

I Swallowed a Saint

“I Swallowed a Saint” More than a catchy title, it shows what a protagonist must do to get noticed, these days.  As we speak, the manuscript and its main man, Conrad Cameron Morris, are in New York awaiting a yea or a nay from a trio of publishers.  Will they like Conrad and all this […]

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