Disgrace, starring John Malkovich.  Dammit. Good movies have a way of keeping me awake. I lie there thinking, What’s it about? and, Why did it work so well? and, Why did it move me? A fiction writer loses sleep seeking answers to these questions. Disgrace: a university professor in Capetown is fired after seducing a […]

Do the Work

Do the Work Kindle edition

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.  Just released.  Amazon is giving away free e-versions. What is it?  Pressfield might be surprised to hear what I think it is – an anatomy of a human metamorphosis.  Never have I stumbled upon more gritty grist for my “meaning” mill.  Written as advice to writers—with obvious relevance to […]

Condemned to Joy

Life liberty and

Fellow blogger and “intelligent misbehavor”, Rick Lewis, has kicked a hornet’s nest in my brain.  Rick was in Philadelphia last week, where Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence and where the great American issues of “freedom” and the “pursuit of happiness” became grist for Rick’s daily blog.  I commented, sceptical about all this so-called […]

Happiest Man Alive

Pj Mendoza

As the arc of the noonday sun climbs daily higher in the sky, it’s starting to heat up here on the Tropic of Cancer.  I could easily linger a little longer in my adopted village of “old Mazatlan”, but bureaucratic tasks back in el Norte need tending.  What’s more, my existential crisis (Who is this […]

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