How to Start a Novel

Norman Mailer

It’s been a while since I’ve stood on the verge of that special void.  Cautious about jumping in prematurely, I find myself wide open to ideas and influences. Norman Mailer’s The Spooky Art (thoughts on writing) has been the perfect procrastination.  Mailer pulls no punches: a writer must develop an intimate relationship with his subconscious; […]

Quoting Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

If you’re anything like me, you faked your way through much of your education.  It’s embarrassing to think what important books I avoided reading back then.  The good news is that all that literature is lying there waiting to be discovered.  Better yet, we’re now mature enough to understand what the author was saying—and to […]

Meaning of Life? Puh-lease!

Meaning of...

“Meaning of life?  Oh, please, PJ.  Puh-lease!”  Here we go again—compelled by events (feedback) to justify my beating on this subject which nowadays “only mystics and comedians” are licensed to discuss.  That’s my segue to The New York Review of Books and the author of that observation.  In an article titled “What Is a Good […]

Blood Wedding

Bodas de Sangre 2

    Before you die, see the film BLOOD WEDDING.  En espagnol, “Bodas de Sangre”.  It`s a flamenco ballet based on the play by Federico Garcia Lorca.  Here’s a 10-min YouTube clip: And with that, my good deed is done for the day.  But who am I to leave well enough alone? I want […]

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