Is Life Good?

Andrew Cohen

[A guest blog by Pamela McGarry]   Andrew Cohen, the American spiritual teacher, asks the question: Is Life Good? Cohen puts it to us during a conversation between himself and Deepak Chopra (moderated by Arianna Huffington). I was relieved to hear the question asked because my own conclusions didn’t make sense in the light of the […]


Merry Christmas

Here we are with Christmas upon us and I’m wondering what to say that could be of any use.  All a person needs at this time of year is an extra day off and a few more bucks to help fulfill the expectations that mar(k) the season.  You don’t need another Merry Christmas, so I’m […]

When Rites Go Wrong: The Lost Symbol


I just read The Lost Symbol.  I’d heard that one of the characters was covered with tattoos.  Tattoo symbols, signs, sigils, and exotic text.  When done right, tattoos in fiction can focus the story’s meaning. Like everything else in this novel by Dan Brown, the tattooed antagonist is way over the top.  Actually, it’s the […]

How Deep is Deepak?

Deepak 2

Ever notice how inspirational speakers align themselves with “God’s will”…and the next minute they’re promoting a take-charge attitude?  I mean, which is it?  Take Deepak Chopra.  Take Arianna Huffington.  They’re cool.  They’re kazillionaires.  These self-improvement gurus can rattle on in their sleep about the “divineness” of the universe.  Take Huffington’s The Fourth Instinct, in which […]

Darwin, Evolution, and Irony

God & Ape

Help me out here… Charles Darwin—in his 1859 publication called On the Origin of Species—made a hugely convincing case for the advantages of adversity.  His thesis would point to: “…the pivotal role of the struggle for existence as a mechanism for evolutionary change.” So…then…why don’t we value struggle more than we do? Is it because […]

Living With Doubt

Seth Godin

From time to time, I abandon my post-in-progress to borrow an insight that has just landed on my e-doorstep.  This insight comes from marketing guru Seth Godin: “Living with doubt is almost always more profitable than living with certainty.” Mr. Godin’s business philosophy can nourish us at whatever level we allow it to percolate.  His […]

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