The Bucket List


I’m giving a short talk this week on the theme of the “bucket list”.  You know, things to do before we die…so we might die without regrets.  Sounds like a good idea, but is it?  I’m being the devil’s advocate for no other reason than people seem all-too-ready to adopt ideas like this without examining […]

Wendy & Lucy: a fix of pure heroine

Wendy & Lucy

Movies prove themselves quickly in our house—or else.  McWife and I can smell artlessness within seconds.  We become restless spending even ten minutes of a precious evening suffering the failures of a director to establish style and tone…and therefore meaning.  And so it was that we found ourselves under the spell of a good director […]

The Law

Seducing Dr Lewis

Take any story.  Take this little movie I saw the other night, for instance: Seducing Dr. Lewis.  You’ve never heard of it and neither had I.  My partner borrowed it from our local library.  She likes films shot in the Canadian outback, especially rural Quebec.  But I digress… Take the protagonist of this story, the […]

I Don’t Know


Awake at 4:45 a.m.  Scenes from last night’s video—Dinner Rush, with Danny Aiello.  The organizm busy in the wee hours sifting and sorting nuggets and impressions from the previous day. Udo, the hot young New York chef runs a tight ship. He yanks a reluctant prep cook off salads to work the line.  “There are […]

Defy Gravity

defy gravity 1

My wife has a “bogus bell” in her head.  This alarm of hers is very sensitive, often clanging away within the first few pages of a slick novel or the first five minutes of a movie that promises more style than story.  I often make use of this “distant early warning” system by having her […]

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