Annual Report


Happy birthday to me! It’s been one blog-year since I began discussing how ‘desire’ fueled Bella’s quest in the Twilight series. Fifty-odd posts later and I’m still fixated on fictional characters and the sea-change they are forced to undergo as they pursue their goal. Why am I hammering away on this theme? Because the heroic […]

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.


  Never mind that Dante in his Divine Comedy inscribed these wonderfully horrifying words on the entrance to Hell…this warning should be posted at the threshold of every hero’s journey. Oh, sure, we’re full of hope for a while. That’s what the middle of a story is all about. Try, try, and try again. All […]

Perfect Laughter


      Want to “ride life straight to perfect laughter”? In a poem called “Roll the Dice”, Charles Bukowski tells us how. It starts like this:   if you’re going to try, go all the way. otherwise, don’t even start… That’s the premise for his autobiographical novel, Factotum (also a film adaptation featuring Matt […]

Intelligent Misbehaving


“7 Rules You Were Born To Break” by Rick Lewis.  Check it out. No PhD in sociology for this professional meditator-performer-presenter. Lewis earned his credentials by travelling with a circus entourage in the U.S.A. and busking on city streets around the world. When he counsels us to defy the unwritten commandment to ‘Be Normal’ or ‘Avoid Mistakes’ […]

Story Gravity


An apple falls from a tree. A mind miraculously freed from its mechanical conditioning rises in the spirit of what appears to be gravity reversed. And a third force —  arguably the most important and much less welcome — sweeps people along on a journey towards their evolution as conscious beings. Of all the laws we’re […]

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