Eat Pray Love Some More

Eat Pray Love

Word of mouth generated by Eat Pray Love is that it’s a film you love to hate.  I had to see it. In fact, all films are an education. See how the writer crafts a protagonist with a strong ‘object of desire’. See how she establishes the story’s central question. I recall Liz (Julia Roberts) […]

Negative Capability


You’d think that a Romantic like John Keats could have crafted a more poetic catch-phrase than negative capability. After all, he was defining the human quality most essential for creativity. What about “cosmic patience”? No? Then, “beingness”. No? Or the “ability to accept a state of incompleteness”? Sure, except that we might as well just […]

Don’t Get it Right, Get it Written


Such a simple poster has recruited ten people to my class in only a few days. There would seem to be a hunger out there for writing. That’s something I understand. For 20 years I’ve happily made my living from freelance writing, so I feel I have some advice to offer, beginning with… If you […]

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