Your Brain on Hold

brain 2

To prove that I don’t spend all my time tending deep thoughts, I watched “Run Fatboy Run” the other night. It was pretty funny, all right. Log line: “Loser aims to restore himself to his ex-girlfriend’s heart by surviving the London marathon.” Cutting to the chase…we find our hapless protagonist, Dennis (Simon Pegg) staggering far […]

Want What You Get


I know this sounds crazy but…is Eckhart Tolle e-stalking me? It seems that every time I compose a dispatch, I find that E.T. has been visiting my in-box. Most recently, I was making notes for a blog post on a talk I’m giving soon about ‘The Nascent Self’ with respect to fiction. [nascent, adjective: coming […]

Life Is Trouble


My publisher escorted me to a librarians’ convention last week. For me, that meant two ferries, two cities, and a car that would break down before the trip was over. But, as Zorba said, “Life is trouble.” Being the author of two Y.A. novels whose word-of-mouth has yet to sweep the English-speaking world, I agreed […]

What You Can Learn Before Breakfast

I was required to deliver a short talk at a meeting early this morning. Last night my wife agreed to critique my presentation. Never one to balk at standing alone in the truth, she made no attempt – after two minutes of listening – to conceal her utter boredom. Now what? I was looking forward […]

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