THE HOUNDS OF HEAVEN: Chasing Meaning On the Waterfront

Waterfront 2

My intention in posting these dispatches is not as clear to me as the consequences of writing them – I’m learning something. Analyzing fiction not only helps me in constructing my own stories , but it increases my enjoyment of watching movies and reading novels. Here’s a flick that improves with every viewing, largely because […]

Rocky: When Losing Is Winning

Rocky 2

What fun it is analyzing fiction. You’ll have noticed lately that I’m obsessed with finding the watershed scene in the protagonist’s struggle – the moment when the hero, having been knocked silly, wakes up to the facts of life. Problem is, the more well-crafted the story, the harder it is to isolate a singular moment. […]

Vampires, Eternity, and Time

“The thing about vampires is that they mistake eternity as the endless duration of time.” My friend, Colin, laid this profundity on me over coffee the other day. We were discussing pop culture’s infatuation with vampires in films and novels. I suggested that while we need ‘escapist’ literature, perhaps there’s too much of it these […]

Thank you, Eckhart Tolle

With whatever spontaneous action arises out of presence, an intelligence is then at work in the situation. Whatever the situation, that intelligence is far greater than the intelligence of the thinking mind. Sounds like my theme of the last few months, doesn’t it? At the major crisis of most films and novels, the protagonist gives […]

Flight of the Patriot

Flight of Patriot

An Iranian writer-filmmaker, Mohammad Nourizad, was recently sentenced to three years in prison and 80 lashes. He dared to criticize the country’s leadership. Ouch. Lest I become blasé about the freedoms we enjoy in our relative paradise here in Canada, I take a minute out to feel his pain. I know a bit about his […]

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