Bringing Your Inside Out

photo by Vincent Errol Hemingson

I spent the weekend monitoring the border between the known and the unknown. To the fly on the wall it no doubt appeared as if I were merely interviewing people. Tattooed people. And a group of professional photographers. These two tribes were brought together in a unique photo project sponsored by You could call […]



Peace of mind…isn’t that an oxymoron? The mind is all busyness. Peace of mind is really a disengagement from the mind. This very disconnection, or stoppage of thought, is what I’ve been pointing to in recent posts. It would seem that writers instinctively force their protagonists to this mental ‘stop’, where flashes of insight descend […]

Do You Fear the Wind?


My post on ‘fearlessness’ prompted considerable e-mail response. One story – from a member of our Mazatlan writers’ group – was particularly powerful. Sue Carnes, who has published an award-winning picture book called My Champion, describes a childhood in which she had to continually stare fear in the face. I’m happy to turn this week’s […]


Pema Chodron

Stories with fearless heroes are guaranteed to be forgettable. Fear serves the literary purpose of bringing the protagonist to that place of “emptiness, exhaustion and dread” about which I spoke in my previous post. Fear brings the hero to that very necessary full-stop, where she has no choice but to surrender her tired old strategies. […]

Gurdjieff and the Centre of Gravity

If George Gurdjieff (see previous post) had been a screenwriter, he might have organized his plots around the story’s “centre of gravity”. Gurdjieff used that term with reference to his lectures. There’s no point in wasting time with details, he said, if the essence of his subject isn’t understood. Let’s – as writers and readers […]

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