Blomkvist R Us

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo presents a protagonist whose life is disintegrating. Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist, has been convicted of slandering a wealthy industrialist, and will shortly go to jail. Consequently, the magazine he publishes may fail. To occupy himself before he heads to prison, he agrees to solve an impossible mystery. All this […]

I Want to Write about Voice

Please excuse this long post – I didn’t have time to write a shorter one. Thanks to Mark Twain for that. Is there a better example of a winning opening remark? Engaging and intriguing, this is “voice”, that elusive quality that turns pages. With a stack of novels on a shady table under a squanderable […]

A Scrotum Tightening Lesson

“The writing’s not compelling enough,” said the agent’s email. “Sorry, I’ll have to pass.” Mike was justifiably dejected as he told us the news. Our writing group takes this kind of thing personally. We’ve been following Mike’s journey toward publication for some time. We love his characters, right down to the protagonist’s shipboard cat. The […]

We Can’t All Be Everything

I’m writing a review of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” for the Vanishing Tattoo website. Author Stieg Larsson has created an unlikely duo that team up to solve the mystery of a long-ago disappearance of a young woman in a lonely Swedish landscape. Blomkvist and Salander couldn’t appear more incompatible – a middle-aged journalist, […]

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