The Main Thing in Life

A recent review of “Roxy” would appear to be suggesting that the subject of teen pregnancy is inappropriate for young adults. The reviewer wrote: “…the heart-warming ending is based on something which is wrong.” Wrong? Hmm. Gee. How on earth can tears, or a warm heart, be wrong? Oh, before I go on, I should […]

Teens Read Too

Tomorrow, Feb. 21, 2010, I hope you’ll visit a web site called Teens Read Too, where I’m the guest blogger of the day. In addition to my typically profound post, you have the chance to peer even deeper into my brain as I try to answer a daunting list of questions posed by the site’s […]

A Sad Story

A colleague of mine relates a true story on his blog. Vince, a photographer, is walking his dogs down a rainy Vancouver lane when he notices snapshots spilling from a soggy cardboard carton. Turns out to be an entire photo album that’s been chucked out. Shocked and curious that someone would jettison their photo archive, […]

A Gift Blog

Sometimes a blog is a real gift — such as today’s dispatch from Seth Godin.  It’s about the power of gift giving. I’ve long had a respect for the act of giving and receiving gifts, so I thought it worth reviewing right here on ‘The Meaning of Life Blog’. Godin points out that when a […]

What the Mockingbird Proves

After all these years, I finally got around to reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee. The book’s unique characters held me in thrall. Who would have thought to invent a character who (without religion) is all light and goodness? He serves to contrast the general level of bigotry that’s typical of our so-called […]

Love the Opposite

Imagine yourself a highly scrupulous person, who discovers that the truth lies in the opposite of what you’ve always believed. Well, how do you feel? I’m writing a story about such a person, a comedian, who tries to kill himself. It’s not depressing at all, I promise you. It’s not even illogical – in fact […]

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