Nothing but the Truth…

Am I obsessing? Once again I’m talking about that moment late in a story when battle weary heroes are forced into a ‘die or wake up’ situation. The waking up is called an ‘epiphany’. People are never the same after that. The protagonist is now equipped with the knowledge and power to bring the story […]

Advantages of Adversity

It’s almost a week now that I’ve been house-bound with a cold. There’s always an up-side to a downer, and so here’s my positive spin on my negative state of affairs. Stuck inside, I have more time to spend on my personal projects. Even as a kid, I appreciated the ‘joy of being sick’. My […]

The Perfect Pitch

Yesterday, I was honoured to be a panelist at a fund-raising event for the library in the historic neighbourhood of Olas Altas in Mazatlan, Mexico. We six authors spoke of our experiences getting published. I shared my enthusiasm for perfecting the all-important ‘pitch’. It’s ironic that after years of writing the many thousands of words […]

Avatar and the Big Bang

In the aftermath of seeing Avatar, and being rendered more or less speechless, I recalled two powerful images that the director chose to represent the opposing forces. One is the airborne seed of a holy tree (the ultimate in grace and sensitivity), and other is a transformer-like robot (the ultimate in brute force). Two more […]

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