Dog’s Breakfast

How many of you out there are writers as well as readers? Here’s a little something for those of you trapped inside a rewrite. It’s an email I sent yesterday in which I describe my current project: “Writing is a bit of chore right now because I’m over my head somewhere in the middle trying […]

Why We Need Stories

There’s nothing mysterious about our love of a good book or a blockbuster movie – but what about television (at its worst) and pulp fiction (at its most trashy)? The low end of the spectrum also attracts great numbers of fans. I think that’s because of our essential need for ‘story’. The essential nature of […]

New Moon

I went to see New Moon at a theatre here in Mazatlan, Mexico. The film was in Spanish, so I understood very little of the dialogue – and there was a lot of it. Yes, it’s an angst-ridden story, depending as it does on Bella’s inner torment. Not great cinema material. But what struck me […]

Fight for the right to see

We’re talking about books and movies helping us to ‘see the truth’. At least, that’s what’s happening to the protagonist during the story’s climax – she’s seeing the big picture. She’s starting to see the truth of her life. What more can a person ask for? From truth springs appropriate action. Our lives can’t really […]

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